Inter Stellar Network

Broadcast Live from Earth in Geneva

29 January 2258

On March 17th, Dodger Picture, Jack Chavez best known for his string of sixteen straight victories during the autumn season of 2256. He has two perfect games to his credit and is one of the highest paid athletes in professional sports, earning an undisclosed amount that likely exceeds 100 million credits per year.

Officer Travis's killer Identified: It was a human by the name of Carl Levin. He is now wanted for murder. Officer Travis was killed on January 15th buy a single PPG shot to the back of the head. A reward of 5,000 Credits if with anyone who gives help that leads to Mr. Levin's capture.

9 January 2258 Yesterday Unknown attackers attacked Centauri Republic Outpost at Ragesh III. The Centauri have express their outrage at the attack. We will update as news comes it.
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