Mission Information

With your lurker seemingly gone, you wonder about what really happened to him. Did Mr. Anderson have something else for him to do or what? Was he killed and just lost in "Down Below"? These questions bother you as you enjoy your credits. You dismiss any thoughts of trying to find him as you roast up your fresh coffee, it is wonderful to have fresh coffee way out here. It is a luxury actually but you deserve it.

You have reached the ship where the Scientists were being held. You see them sitting around at table eating dinner and talking and laughing with a Llort scientist. As you enter the ship they become quite somber. They ask who sent you?

You tell them Roland Anderson and they stand and look at the Llort scientist and says something in his language. He shrugs and sits back calmly.

The human scientists tell you this: As you know the Llort don't look at possessions as we do and they expect and feel that you only own something that you posses. The leader of their little group here took possession of us thinking that we had made some significant discoveries. We have not! They will tell you they are quite ready to leave and if they ever go on another mission like this they will request more security.

Our fellow scientist have asked to leave and looks a little anxious to do so. Once outside he runs quite obviously in fear.

You look over the Llort ship. It is in working order, you will find some gear left on the ship: 6 PPG pistols, 4 Llort PPG rifles and some assorted Llort Scientific equipment, very strange stuff that will have to be studied to ID its uses. You will be able to sell this stuff on B5 for cash.

Ships of the Galaxy as Painted by the famous Drazi artist Jalak Starbreeze!