The Abbai are an amphibious race at home on both land and water. Their government is a matriarchal system ruled by highly educated females. They are a race of pacifists whose technology is based on defense and economical expansion.
The Brakiri society is built on trade - their ruling body consists of the largest and wealthiest corporations. Most of their technology is acquired through trade with other worlds, earning them a poor reputation as parasites benefiting from the efforts of others.
To be a Centauri is to live a life of duty - to themselves, their House, and the Republic. They are masters of scheming and politics which is the basis of their society. Status is extremely important so gaining reputation and titles is the ambition of most Centauri.
The Drazi are one of most powerful governments in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. Their society is based on conflict and strength - fighting is almost like a religion to them.
The Gaim are an insectoid race ruled by Queens. Using genetic manipulation, the Queens can create millions of workers to fulfil whatever roles are required.
Humans are the most adaptable and diverse race in the galaxy. The curiosity of the Humans drives their expansion into the stars, creating communities wherever they go.
Although the Hyach have a dark history, they are now a peaceful race. Their culture is based on gerontocracy, where the ruling body are the oldest members of their race. As a society they tend to be set in their ways as the Elders are resistant to change.
The Llort dwell in underground cities and are known as 'pack rats' since they like to collect things. Some consider them thieves, but the Llort do not understand the concept of ownership - if they see something they want, they just take it.
The Markab are a peaceful race who value their privacy and many segregate themselves from other races. They consider themselves a moral people and scandal is avoided at all costs.
Minbari society consists of three castes - religious, warrior, and worker. They are a spiritual people who consider it an honor to serve their people. They are one of the oldest races in the galaxy (not including the First Ones) and have very advanced technology.
The Narn were once a peaceful race, but years of war and occupation by the Centauri have made them into an agressive, warrior people. They are also a passionate race and many follow the texts of ancient spiritual and relgious leaders.
Individuality is important to the Pak'ma'ra, resulting in any form of organised government. They are honest and willing to help people in distress, but many see them as disgusting and smelly (largely because they only eat carrion) so they tend to be ignored.
Like their rivals, the Brakiri, the Vree have founded the expansion of their empire on trade. The Vree have no vocal cords and speak via a limited version of telepathy.
The Yolu are an old race, perhaps older than the Minbari. They have advanced technology but do not abuse their power. They rarely get involved with galactic affairs, preferring to keep to themselves, except for the Mutai - a fighting contest they spread throughout the galaxy.

Races not currently available.

The Lumati see themselves as a superior race and although they do not harm those they consider inferior (just about everyone), they would not help them either, allowing evolution to take it course. Selective breeding and cultural segregation are common in their society.
A mysterious race as yet unknown. They have a dark purpose.