History from 15 Billion years BC to 2011 AD

15 Billion BC Creation of the Universe. [Ya gotta start somewhere]
10 Billion BC Galaxies form.
1 Billion BC

There is The First One.

Shadows evolve ["They were old when even the Ancients were young, in the Shadow of Za'Ha'Dum. The first of these Ancients were the Shadows. ("Matters of Honor")

The First Ones, the eldest alien species evolve, those who Walk among the stars like Giants ("In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum").

1 Million BC

The age of the Thirdspace device (Thirdspace).

The First Ones begin to disappear some traveling beyond the stars ("In the Shadow of Za'Ha'Dum"). They leave behind the Vorlons and the Shadows to shepherd the younger species along; the Vorlons following the rigid paths of Order, while the Shadows prefer the more explosive evolutionary path of Chaos and Conflict ("Za'Ha'Dum", "Falling towards potheosis")

Over the next million years there are a series of wars between the remaining ""First Ones"" (especially the Vorlons) and the Shadows ("The Coming of Shadows"). The Shadows are often driven from Za'Ha'Dum, but always return; Lorien says they believe they are ""paying their respects"" to him, though he believes that both they and the Vorlons ""no longer understand"" ("Shadow of Za'Ha'Dum"", "Where is Mr. Garibaldi")

The ""Rules of Engagement", mediated by The First One are established between the Vorlons and The Shadows (N - Invoking Darkeness). [The date on this is unlcear, other than ""eons ago"", but it's likely between this time and 8000 BCE]

500,000 BC The Vindrizi are created as a species of ""symbiotes"" to record everything, observing events all over the galaxy so that others can learn about the past when all the records have been lost in the next dark age ("Exogenesis").
8000 BC The last Great War between the Shadows and the First Ones ("In the Shadow of Za'Ha'Dum"). The Soul Hunters imprison the entire planet of Ragla ("River of Souls"). Ceti 4's civilization dies out ("War Zone").
?? The Vorlons visit lesser interstellar species, implanting them with the idea of glowing beings of light
c.5000 BCE An unknown species begins building a network of jump gates across the galaxy Some say it was the Vorolons.
250 A.D. The Minbari begin to decline in population.
515 A.D. Approximate date of the Battle of Camlan.
???? The Taratimude receive the techno-mage tech from the Shadows .
1050 A.D. The Hyach pass religious laws making it immoral to intermarry with the Hyach-doh.
1100 A.D. The Minbari first begin to travel space. They discover the ancient network of jump gates.
1200 A.D.

Wierden, one of the last of the Taratimude forms the techno-mages into a cohesive group.

The techno-mage Osiyrin studies the Drahk.

A minor Centauri noble leads the extermination of the other sentient race on their world, the Xon. He proclaims himself as the first emperor of the Centauri Republic. He receives the blessing of the techno-mages; Frazur and two other techno-mages.

After the Battle of Scoria Plains, the Centauri emperor Morell visits with Malia, the prophetess of Tuwain.

1250 A.D.

A highly advanced space-faring society flourishes on Ikara 7. After being invaded repeatedly, they build 12 organic technology warriors to protect them.

The Markab and several other species appear to have some experience of Soldier's of Darkness.

The Shadows occupy a continent on Narn's Southern Hemisphere, where they are observed by G'Quon. He writes of this ""Ancient Race"" and their Great War at the Rim of "Known Space", centered around Za'Ha'Dum in his Sacred Book. He includes pictures of Shadow Warriors and Shadow vessels. He manages to identify the location of the stars near Za'Ha'Dum accurately enough that G'Kar is able to trace them and visit them. After the Narns start attacking the Shadows, the Shadows retaliate by killing off all the Narn "mindwalkers.">

The Taratimude techno-mage s fight for the Shadows.

On an unnamed planet, the population is subjected to the Shadow plague after denying the Shadows access to their world as a Base. The population goes into suspended animation.

An alliance of worlds, including the few remaining First Ones (including the Vorlons) and the Minbari attack the Shadows in what will later be remembered as a Great War.

Nothing of specific significance occurs on Earth, although at least two Shadow ships crash in the Solar System (at Mars and Ganymede).

The Great War begins to go badly for the Minbari, et al. Their greatest 'star base' is destroyed by the Shadows. Babylon 4 is brought back from the future to serve as a as a replacement base of operations during a war between Light and Darkness, seeming to appear from out of nowhere. Accompanying Babylon 4 is Jeffrey David Sinclair, who undergoes the ""Chrysalis"" process to become Valen, a "Minbari, not Born of Minbari."

Valen subdues the Warrior Caste, establishes the Grey Council as "The Chosen One"; and establishes the Anla'Shok ("The Rangers") to fight the Shadows.

The Alliance against the Shadows destroy 2/3ds of the Shadow forces, driving them from Za'Ha'Dum. > Valen's appearance signals that Minbari Souls are going somewhere else, ""going missing"" [this may be when they start to actually notice a change.

The B4 Station survives the war, but doesn't last much longer than that (JMSU). [Actually, this is not entirely true, since it remains intact until it is discovered in 2261 (C-""In Valen's name").]

Valen transforms the Anla'Shok into an army of watchers to keep an eye out for the return of the Shadows.


After the War, Valen had children. The children, fearing persecution because they weren't pure Minbari, fled Minbar until after Valen's death.

Sometime during this time, the Taratimude wipe themselves out. The lineage of Wierden still revive the tech from the Shadows.

1260 The Shadows bury their capitols ships in preparation for the next War, including one on Mars, and one on Ganymed.

Valen writes notes to Delenn and Sinclair.

Valen ""Goes Beyond"" (JMSU, N-To Dream in the City of Sorrows); his body is never found ("Atonement") [Foreshadowing Sheridan's end.

The Children of Valen return to Minbar and have children of their own, spreading human genes through the Minbari population for the next thousand years.


The modern Hyach records extend no earlier than this point. The Hyach-Doh are extinct by this time.


An ancient species dies out, first building, then leaving Varn as Guardian of the Great Machine of Epsilon 3.

Minbari clan Third Fane of Chudomo begins service with honor


August-November"Jack the Ripper" terrorizes London's East End.

11 November; On the morning after the last of the Ripper Murders, the Vorlons abduct ""Sebastian"", of 14-B Harrisburg Lane, to determine if he is truly the ""Chosen One"". When it is determined that he is not, they retain him to act as their "Inquisitor." ("Comes the Inquisitor").

1900 The Centauri invade the Vega [Beta?] System, conquered in only 9 days.
1940 14 November The Germans bomb Coventry

Aliens begin to capture Humans for various research purposes. [The Date is an estimate. The "Gray" styles of aliens shown suggests that not all the contact reports we've had so far have been hoaxes. Although they appear to be similar to the Streib. It ay be that these are the Vree.]

The Centauri begin using telepaths in military intelligence.

1961 12 April Yuri Gagarin orbits the Earth in Vostok >

April The Soviet probe Mars1 loses communication with Earth while traveling to Mars (JMSM).

13 June Mars 1 silently makes the first flyby of a terrestrial probe past Mars (JMSM).

1965 14 July The American probe Mariner 4 flies past Mars, taking pictures
1971 14 November Mariner 9 begins its study of Mars

19 June Viking 1 enters Mars orbit.

20 July The Viking lander touches down on Mars.

1997 4 July Pathfinder touches down on Mars, and releases Sojourner
1999d 12 April US President Bill Clinton establishes his Commission of the Future.
2011 A near-Earth asteroid nearly hits the Earth.
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